Friday, September 11, 2009

Thanks Apple!

On a previous blog posting about TiVo Everywhere I was wondering why the market had yet to produce a good TiVo-like device for radio. Well, finally Apple stepped up and did so. The new Nano packs in quite an impressive bunch of features, including a radio with pause and replay features.

Probably the most impressive is the packing of a 640x480 pixel, 30 frame-per-second video camera into that tiny case giving up to 16+ hours of video on your nano. I would be nervous if I had recently invested in these guys.

The incredible advancement of these recording devices has truly started the democratization of information around the world. Recent events in Iran, Israel and Palestine have been a great examples of that. Every individual now has the ability to transmit exactly what is happening in their world almost instantly. It's impossible to hide, and there are no more information barriers.

So far, this has had a relatively positive impact on the world, in my view. It seems the most powerful change agent is the free flow of information and devices like these are providing the tools.

Technology is great, ain't it?

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